Claudia Drenan

I appreciated that Aleta helped me develop my skills in understanding how my dog was hunting and how to support him. Its so much more enjoyable to step back and let your dog do the hunting then to walk around pointing at places and telling your dog to check there. Aleta was very insightful how she taught me to be a more observant and supportive handler.

I so appreciated that she was always there for me even when I was discouraged. She was always willing to listen and give advice.

My dogs progressed to be the #2 and #3 dogs for their breed thanks to her help. They are both at the master level. Besides lessons, Aleta also had simulated trials which were both fun and educational.

My dogs love Aleta! They have so much fun in her classes. And we learn so much when we get to work on tricky things till we get them right. Claudia Drenan