Marie Slagle

In 2019 I decided to enter Barn Hunt trials at our National Specialty. I needed to find someone to help me. The closest person I knew was Aleta, and she was three hours away! Two trips to
Aleta and four dogs qualified in every run they had, at the National! Over the couple of years, under Aleta’s guidance, we have earned a RATS, RATM, RATCHX and a RATCH on four different
dogs! Currently, the youngest dog has easily earned a RATO. Aleta can sort through various challenges a dog encounters. She also does a great job in teaching the handler how to support and/or stay out of the dog’s way. She teaches good handling habits. It’s also beneficial that Aleta is also a BH judge and regularly trials herself, handling a variety of breeds. Her current training barn is spacious. Rats are well cared for and treated with respect.


barn hunt Dalmatians