Susan Sheets

After attending a Barn Hunt workshop out of state, I knew my puppy was interested but I left apprehensive and feared I would NQ before ever leaving the start box. There was far more to the sport than I realized. Thankfully, I found Aleta. A patient coach, she has helped me navigate the rules, devise strategies and more importantly helped me strengthen my relationship with my dogs, teaching me to trust them and let them lead vice thinking a nervous helicopter owner would be better at locating the rats. In turn, I now have four goldens trialing in barn hunt with different levels of drive, working style and tells all of which Aleta helped me translate into a successful dog & handler partnership. Truth be told though, I’m not sure if they love the game or truly just love coming to see Aleta & helping her find her rats that somehow keep getting lost in the straw. No cookie or toy is valued higher by my crew than getting a praise & a smooch from her.