Theresa Myers

I met Aleta on a recommendation from a friend years ago when I was looking for someone who taught Barn Hunt.  My first impression was, I like this lady!  She is fun to be around, extremely knowledgeable about the rules and is not afraid to make recommendations on how you can improve your dog’s hunting ability. The one-on-one training sessions are invaluable.   Her ability to read dogs is spot on.  She explains how the odor of the rat is moving around the barn – circulation of the air, etc. and why the dog is hunting the way he/she is hunting.  How you should step back, be quiet and watch your dog work, and shares how the dog is acting as he hones in on the rat.   All this knowledge is extremely valuable for when you go into the ring.   I decided to enter my Std. Poodle in his first Novice trials in Dec. 2023, and he placed 1st in both trials.
Happy Hunting,
Theresa Myers, Poodlemum to Raven, TDN, FITB